The goal of Inside Game is to help student-athletes maximize their opportunity to play college ball and find the best fit school that matches their skills, priorities, and preferences.

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Our service is designed to guide families throughout the recruiting process and provide them with a solid information base so they can make informed decisions.  From beginning to end, we help families successfully and confidently navigate the intricacies of the recruitment process.  From helping to interpret the significance of school communications to advising athletes on official/unofficial visits and interactions with college coaches, families will come to understand the “Inside Game” and players will increase their chances of playing to their highest potential. Whether college ball provides you with a foot in the door at a top notch school that would have been out of reach otherwise, whether you are using your athletic skills to gain scholarship money and help alleviate the financial burden of paying for 4 years of school, or you simply love basketball and want to compete at the highest level, we are here to help make your dreams a reality. David will be in regular contact with the players and families to make sure they are taking the necessary steps and following their personal strategy and plan.  He will be with them every step of the way to support them and guide them to make the best possible decision based on skill level, priorities, preferences and fit.

Every athlete is different and therefore the packages and pricing are customized to fit the needs of the athlete and family.  Our customized recruitment package may include some or all of the following services depending on the needs, the timetable, and the target schools to which she is applying:

  • An initial academic and athletic evaluation
  • Eligibility center registration
  • Player development coaching: for players who demonstrate a strong commitment to playing at the next level, we may be able to help improve a D3 prospect to D2 or D2 to D1
  • Education on NCAA Rules and Regulations and how they impact the process differently based on division (D1, D2, D3)
  • Creation of an athletic resume (contact information, academic and athletic credentials, testimonials, etc.)
  • In season consultation to discuss any issues impacting player performance and recruiting process (i.e. player/coach relationship, injuries, and/or performance) and track progress
  • Off-season consultation to provide accountability and track progress
  • Execution of initial letter to coaches
  • Development of complete contact sheet of target coaches/programs (e-mail, phone, websites, etc.)
  • Collaboration with families to develop a personalized recruitment action plan
  • Creation of a detailed organizational checklist and portfolio (profile, transcripts, test scores, introductory letter, etc)
  • Development of both long and short term goals with targets and timelines to help families more effectively manage the process
  • Advice on which tournaments and showcases athletes should attend to maximize exposure
  • One-on-one advisement on effective communication with coaches (mock phone conversations, practice interviews, suggested questions, face-to-face strategies, etc.)
  • Assistance in reviewing and developing correspondences to and from coaches
  • Guidance and suggestions for building a strong recruiting video and proven plan for ensuring maximum exposure at target schools
  • Suggestions in preparing for off-campus and on-campus contacts (timing, phone calls, email, home visits, official and unofficial visits etc.)
  • Assistance in seeking athletic scholarships and financial aid guidance for student-athlete and family
  • Guidance in navigating D-3, Ivy League and select, non-scholarship admissions when applicable
  • Guidance in the selection of schools and athletic programs that “match” your preferences and skill level
  • Unlimited access to David Bikofsky throughout the term of the service


Call David today at (617) 571-5275 for a free consultation to see how we can help you make your hoop dreams a reality!